This planted 150 x 50 x 55cm 15mm Ultra-clear glass tank with CO2 cost me $2600 in 2016 but now cheaper. At todays lower prices, it would cost ~$2400.

About my old (2016) planted 150x50x55cm  aquarium.  


Most people want to know what does a planted tank like this cost to setup and run, so I list my costs as accurrately as possible below;


The tank is 15mm thickness G-Crystal Ultra-clear glass Rimless / Braceless design and costs $860.


The cabinet is 1 of our waterproof greenboard ADA style units 150x50x80cm in Burnt Mahogany $650.


The light is a Gotroppo custom made full spectrum 130cm LED unit with 7x660nm Red, 12x440nm Blue, 4xActinic Green and 66x 6.5k White 1W LEDs on a 24v DC 5Amp switchmode supply with 5 channel TC-420 RF Remote dimmer controller. Cost is $199.


Light Bracket is a cheap 316SS tubular unit screwed to the back of the cabinet. Top goes in to about the middle of the tank. Cost including brackets and light fittings was $158.


Filter is Aqua One Nautilus 1400, resides in cabinet (In/Out pipes removed for picture) - Cost is $195.


CO2 uses a BOC "D" cylinder and Mufan dual guage regulator with 12V DC solenoid on a Bunnings digital timer. Ista inline 16mm difuser is in the canister filter outlet line.  Cost for CO2 is: Gas $45/yr, Regulator / Sol $95, Timer $19, Ista Difuser $30.


1 9L Bag of ADA Amazonia course $29, 5 bags Whites 5mm Silica Chips 10kg  (5x$15) $75, 9 x light colored Basalt Rock Cost was $107.


Plants (mostly free cuttings) cost me about $20.