The shop at 18 Baretta Rd, Wangara is now open for business:  Thu - Sun (Covid-19 restricted hrs)

 At just 372sqm, the shop (Unit 1) is small but we also have a 188sqm warehouse (Unit 2) onsite so stocks will remain high.  We planned a second shop in High Rd, Willeton later in 2020 but the pandemic has thrown this into uncertainty.    

Perth now has the best everyday prices in the aquarium industry and we are here to stay! 


You, the consumer wins!

We don't favor any group, we simply supply the hobbist with fantastic prices everyday. Our specials are real specials, some at below cost.


We mainly sell hardware but are expanding our livestock range to cover fresh and marine.


Need a price - contact us for the best deal and fastest supply.

About Us

GoTroppo Aquariums began in 2012 to bring more options to Perth aquarists and hobbyists. We saw a need for a more economically run business that could offer genuine savings to the public.

COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to restrict hours and overheads. The shop is now open only 4 days / week (Closed: Mon, Tue & Wed)​.

We import most of our products directly to Fremantle and keep our warehouse stocks high to cope with demand. Unlike other aquarium outlets we offer and stock many options in size and colour.
We sell Aqua One, Risheng, Hailea, Resun, Oceanson and our own Amazon OEM Branded products to name just a few.
   Shop Hours:    Thursday & Friday             11:00am to 4.00pm
                              Saturday & Sunday            10:30am to 2.30pm
                              Closed:    ​Monday, Tuesday  and  Wednesday

To bring even more competitive value into the market place we have secured sources to bring you discounts on the following Brands:

Sera                                 - premium fish food and products​

Seachem                        - premium aquarium media products

​Hikari                              - premium fish food and products​

Eheim                              - well known filtration and heating products (Jager)​

Jebao                               - world leader in water pump design

Hailea                              - well known aquarium products & chillers

Resun                              - well known aquarium products from Risheng

Aqua One                       - well known aquarium products

Real                                 - largest aquarium accessories range available

Red Sea                          - premium aquariums and marine products ​

Maxspect                       - premium aquarium products​