The Amazon 2450 has a state of the art Computer controlled

LCD display and control interface that uses a WiFi connection

to the home internet allowing access to your aquarium from

anywhere in the world via your mobile device (phone, iPad)

if you have an internet connection available.

Available after 15 March 2016
Amazon 2450 1500L Acrylic aquarium set

 It has been a long while coming but at last aquariums can be made of an appropriate material.

Glass has always been a BAD material choice to build an aquarium due to many factors, low light transparency (<92%), heavy, brittle, easy scratched, difficult to mold, etc.. Acrylic has come of age and has become the material of choice for the future in the aquarium industry. The modern acrylic is light weight, flexible, highly transparent (94-95%), literally Bulletproof, easily patched and polished, fully moldable, 30yr UVC resistant, has high chemical inertness (Hydroflouric acid will dissolve glass but won't affect acrylic), etc..


As a comparison, the tank on the Amazon 2450 weighs 97kg in 20mm acrylic but would weigh >320kg in 15mm glass. The acrylic tank could easily be dropped onto concrete from 1m and not sustain any adverse problem  the glass tank would be destroyed.


These tanks come with the ultimate in Electronics and Computer control with IOS and Android apps so you can control and monitor your aquarium from anywhere in the world if you have internet available. The Lynux computer system (Dense AquaLab V2.13) can report many water variables, light intensity/spectrum, pump speeds with water flow rates, temperature, pH, Salininity, Ca, Ca/Mg ratios, hardness (kH, CH), etc..